Women’s 10 Week Self Defence Course 

Each year the Club offers a number of Women’s self-defence courses as part of our service to the community. The Women’s self defence courses have been running since 1987 with fees for these courses being kept at a minimum as the club regards this as an important community service.

SELF DEFENCE COURSE – 1 This 10 week course gives special attention to situations that women may encounter to better equip themselves for the best chance of a successful outcome. The course provides simple, practical advice and techniques aimed at giving participants improved awareness and ability to avoid risk, recognise potentially threatening situations and actively defend themselves if necessary.

Equally importantly, the program helps to build confidence and increase the individuals’ sense of personal control when going about their daily lives. The Founder of the Ballarat Karate Club and Karate Masters Rank holder Barry Govan said that “everyone can learn something valuable from this course, regardless of age, gender, physical condition or previous experience”.

ADVANCED SELF DEFENCE COURSE – 2 For those who on completion of the above course decide that they would like to further their abilities the club is able to provide a more advanced 10 week course and practice sessions that continues on with the skills already learnt from self defence course – 1. This course is also open to all participants who have previously completed the initial course. Typically this advanced follow up course is only offered once a year.

Each class runs for 60 minutes at the Clubs own centrally located rooms located at 9-11 Moyle Street (near White’s Flat), Ballarat. For ages 18+ just wear loose clothing, the area is well lit with plenty of parking. For further information on the above two courses please call: Sempai John McMahon on 0419 137 584

UNARMED COMBAT PROGRAM – the club also runs an extensive unarmed combat program over a two year period that is open to both male and females over the age of 18yrs. This certificate course is divided into two parts being part A and part B. Please see the UAC Program in the site navigation index for course details or for further information contact UAC instructor: Master Barry Govan on 0418 991 151