The Club offers a two year program in unarmed combat, broken into two one year certificate levels, Part A followed by Part B. The syllabus of each is as follows:

Part A

Statistics, Situations, Psychology & Principles.

Unarmed Combat Techniques – Standing.

Identification and application of improvised weapons.

Techniques – practice, momentum & leverage.

Introduction to SRMS karate (ungraded students only).

Standing & on-the-ground grappling.

Two Man Kata: “Encyclo-A”.

Kumite & randori training.

Resistance training for increased strength & flexibility.

Part B

Principles of Unarmed Combat.

The 100 Percenters.

Advanced grappling.

The Karate Throws.

Single opponents in the street.

Multiple opponents in the street.

Edged & other weapons in the street.

Advanced Two Man Kata: “Encyclo-B”.

Advanced resistance training.

The program is offered at the Clubs own centrally located rooms located at:

9-11 Moyle Street, Ballarat.

The program is open to both male and females over the age of 18yrs.

For further information, call Master BARRY GOVAN on 0418-991 151