SOKEN (BUSHI) MATSUMURA (1797 -1889) born in Yamagawa Village, Shuri, Okinawa. Matsumura studied under Sakugawa for four years. He rapidly developed into a Samurai warrior. He was recruited into the service of the Sho family and was given the title Satunuky, later rising to Chikutoshi, becoming the chief martial arts instructor and body guard for the Okinawan King. Matsumura was given the title “Bushi” (meaning warrior) by the Okinawan King in recognition of his superior skills and accomplishments in the martial arts.

Bushi Matsumura was sent to China to train in the famous Shorinji (Shaolin Temple). he became an expert in karate and kobudo. He is alledged to have remained in China for many years.

Upon his return to Okinawa, Matsumura established the Shuri te or Suidi that later became known as Shorin Ryu. He became a legend not only on Okinawa, but also in China and Japan. He brought the White Crane, Hakutsura concept to Okinawa. He passed on his Menkyo-Kaiden Certificate of Full Proficiency to his Grandson, Nabe Matsumura.