Shin shi no kai group photo

Back row, left to right Kyoshi Barry Packham.
Shihan Barry Govan. Sensei Gary Robinson. Sempai Mick Eaton

Front row, Left to right
Dave Blake. Gary Whittaker. Terry Sands


A group of senior age martial artists of the Ballarat Karate Club have adopted the name of Shin Shi no Kai.

Shin Shi no Kai means a group or club of older (gentlemen) that has a respectful tone to it and reflected Kyoshi Barry Packhams ‘ league of Gentlemen’ references. The kanji contains the warrior symbol but has no literal interpretation of warrior but a respectful interpretation. The Kanji for the group can be worn by formal members of the Shin Shi group. The group was founded circa 2002 by BKC Founder Barry Govan BKC Foundation Member Gary Robinson, and progressively strengthened by the early participation of Mick Eaton and later by returning BKC Foundation Members Gary Whittaker and Dr. Terry Sands, and formally coming into existence in 2006 when it developed its own name and training schedule.

The philosophy of the group is to allow a place to practice martial arts while being mindful of the limitations of age on this practice. An age of 50 years has been adopted for formal entry into the group, irrespective of gender. Any members of the BKC can and do train with the group thus providing opportunities for interaction and training diversity.

The Shin Shi no Kai group is a subgroup of the Ballarat Karate Club Inc. and subject to its general rules, practices and management. It will concentrate on the art form of our Karate style, such as Kata, Kobudo and self defense while adopting additional techniques of self defense appropriate to the age group and reflect individual competencies and any physical limitations of the individual imposed by age and or prior life injuries.

New training and grading system appropriate for the group have been adopted and developed as required. Such systems are approved through the normal development process already in existence within the BKC club. It will maintain the ranking level of any new members to the group who have obtained that rank through established assessments recognized by the BKC. All grading within the group is by the normal invitation and review process.

The Shin Shi no Kai path provides future viability for aging participants both within the BKC and martial arts in general. The group completes the linear progression from juniors to older participants to provide life long opportunities to practice martial arts.

The Group trains every Monday and Friday from 10am till 12 noon at the BKC Dojo.