Hanshi Wayne Reddrop
Co-Director and Chief Instructor


Hanshi Wayne Reddrop commenced training in 1973 in the art of Judo, training for two years at the Ararat Y.M.C.A. In 1975 he commenced training in Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito, initially under the direction of  Ballarat Karate Club founder Barry Govan and Sensei’s Rod Hilton and John Crebbin and on 2/07/1983 in front of a yudansha panel headed by Packham Sensei, Reddrop was promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt).

In 1990 Grand Master Kise made his first visit to Ballarat, Australia. Following a week of intensive training Reddrop was graded to Yondan (4th degree black belt) by Master Kise. During that year Reddrop was awarded a plaque from the Sports Australia Association for his achievements in karate and his long time teaching of karate to juniors.

In 1992 Master Kise again visited Ballarat, Australia at which time Reddrop was privileged to spend many days in the masters presence, enjoying both training and sight seeing with Master Kise.

On the 24-2-1995 Reddrop was appointed Chief Instructor of the Ballarat Karate Club by Kyoshi Packham.

On the 7-10-1995 he received his Godan ranking (5th degree black belt) from Kyoshi Packham. In October 1996 Reddrop visited Okinawa for the first time receiving outstanding hospitality from Grand Master Kise. With extensive training on the American bases and the Okinawan Honbu dojo.

In 1998 Hanshi-Sei Kise made his 3rd trip to Australia at which Reddrop was further privileged to have a number of private sessions under the Master’s watchful eye.

In April, 2002 during Master Kise’s fourth visit to Australia, Reddrop in the presence of Grandmaster Kise and Kyoshi Barry Packham successfully attained the rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt).

In November of 2008 Reddrop again visited Okinawa, this time inviting three Ballarat Karate Club yudansha to accompany him. The invitee’s were Vaughan King (Sandan) Jack Lyons (Nidan) and Lachlan Howard (Nidan). All enjoyed many hours of training at the Okinawan Hombu and Gunner’s Gym. Receiving outstanding hospitality from Master Kise. It was during this trip that a solid friendship was formed with Sensei Jerry DeVries.

November 2009 saw the Grand master make his 5th trip to Ballarat, Australia. Accompanying him for his first visit to Australia was Kaicho Kise Isao. Also assisting the master’s visit to Australia was Sensei Jerry DeVries.

On November 20th, 2009  after a week of examination in both karate and kobudo Reddrop was promoted to 7th degree black belt in both disciplines. In 2014 Reddrop again visited Okinawa, taking with him Ballarat Karate Club black belts, Gordon Mayne, Troy Wakefield and John McMahon for their first visit to Okinawa.

In 2015 Reddrop, together with Hanshi Packham co-hosted Grand Master Kise Fusei to Australia as guest of honour to celebrate the clubs 50 year anniversary mile stone. Accompanying Grand Master Kise was long time friend and associate Sensei Jerry DeVries. The week was one of celebrations with training and official dinners and speeches, all well covered by the local media outlets in Ballarat. During this visit Reddrop was presented with both Karate and Kobudo teaching certifications from the Grand Master.

In November of 2021 during a three week grading review for 8th degree black belt Kyoshi Reddrop successfully completed all requirements and was subsequently promoted by Hanshi Packham to the rank of 8th degree black belt in Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito – Australia in both Karate and Kobudo. The first two segments of 18 hand and 18 kobudo kata were a demonstration of the kata lineage of Grand Master’s Soken Hohan and Kise Fusei. The final segment included an introduction by Hanshi Packham followed by selected kata, black belt ippon and a demonstration of Sokon O’Sensei’s favoured kobudo kata Chikin Bo.

With over 48 years continuous training and 28 years service as Chief Instructor for Australia Reddrop is the longest serving holder of this distinction in the history of the Ballarat Karate Club and Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito in Australia. Reddrop enjoys teaching traditional karate and kobudo and welcome’s any visitor to our Ballarat Dojo.

Pictured L to R – Hanshi Barry Packham, Hanshi-Sei Kise Fusei and Kyoshi Wayne Reddrop. Ballarat Honbu Dojo, 2015.

You can E – mail Hanshi Reddrop at: reddropwayne@gmail.com